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we are the bash
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We are wildly passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs + small business build thriving businesses through beautiful visual stories.

We want your brand to speak a story and create connections. 


Gitta and Liesel managed to successfully and beautifully capture the essence of our brand in the creation of our logo, and corporate identity.

For the first time our brand voice fell into place, and the carefully curated logo gave us a clear sense of purpose. In the few months since the rebrand, as a result of our clearer position, our market has understood us better.

– Lin Kayton, Owner of Londonderry & Brooke

They helped me to take a small seed of an idea and grow it into a fully-rounded brand that spoke for itself.

When we started, I had no idea what the brand would look like, only what it’s purpose was. The Bash ladies were able to take that and develop beautiful, strong designs for the look of the brand. They are such a power team and a real inspiration to me as a designer myself.

– Catherine Millan, Owner of Earthen

Liesel and Gitta were top notch and it was a seamless process.

It was really easy, simple and fuss free. I felt so at ease and was able to get my brand feeling across so well because I felt comfortable. Working with Liesel and Gitta entrenched the luxury of the feather and luxe brand.

– Pam Nel, Owner Feather and Luxe

You understood what we were looking for right from the beginning.

You are both just lovely ladies. You were both great to communicate with, you listened to what we wanted and gave us clarity around our brand. We loved all the ideas and wished we could have used them all.

– Gen Ollemans, Earth Essence


ask questions and get clarity

Building your own business from your passion and skills is a scary and exhilaration journey. As creative entrepreneurs like you, we know all too well the feeling of overwhelm and how it can make you doubt your decisions and second guess yourself.

Our one-on-one brand consultations give you space to share your struggles and ask questions on all things small business, brand strategy and design. Together we’ll get clarity and confidence around your business and to create a workable plan to build on.