Earthen aims to provide customers with sustainable alternatives to commonly used single-use plastic items. Their passion is to educate consumers, through their product offering and communication, on the benefit of sustainable living and a zero-waste lifestyle for the environment.

Catherine approached us looking for an identity design and some guidance on her branding. We loved taking her idea and creating a visual story which expresses her heart to make a difference to our environment by small changes to our everyday lives.

The brief from the Earthen team was to create a logo that reflects the essence of the company, it’s mission and vision, and that it should be strong, memorable and inspiring. The use of calm, neutral colours as well as greens and blues was important to the client to capture the eco-concious essence of the company.

We loved creating this details icon which speaks of our impact on the earth and how each element is connected. We created several submarks for the brand, as well as a social media launch strategy. We’re excited to see this brand launch soon!

They helped me to take a small seed of an idea and grow it into a fully-rounded brand that spoke for itself.

When we started, I had no idea what the brand would look like, only what it’s purpose was. The Bash ladies were able to take that and develop beautiful, strong designs for the look of the brand. They are such a power team and a real inspiration to me as a designer myself

– Catherine Millan, Owner of Earthen

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