In 2009, EarthEssence was started by the family matriarch Pamela Fletcher. Always wanting to enrich her life in the most natural way possible, Pam has always been conscious of how she nourishes her body & what she uses on her skin. With ingredients that are mindfully selected, plant-based and ethically sourced from around the world, this range of product was the start of living a cleaner lifestyle free of harmful chemicals & toxic preservatives.

“EarthEssence is our way of going back to using the essences of the earth.”

Our goal was to create a fresh brand identity for Earthessence to clearly communicates their position as an alternative to the overwhelming choice of skincare products on the market and to build a brand community of loyal clients to grow the business.

For the logo design, we drew inspiration from a combination of simple, modern fonts and hand-crafted elements. We created a circular submark to include a botanical icon, an essential element of the make up of these products. We chose a muted green as the base color and then created a pallete of rich copper and deep charcoal to give the brand a strong and modern look.

We love that we were able to extend the identity into packaging, stationery and a website design, we were so excited to see the brand come to life as we styled a photoshoot of the team and their products.

It has just been a pleasure working with you, you listened & understood what we were looking for.

I chose to work with The Bash Design Studio because I liked your vibe. You were both great to communicate with right from the beginning…You are both just lovely ladies. We learnt that we needed brand clarity and our business has become more streamlined since working with you.

– Genevieve Fletcher, EarthEssence

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