The Hello Boss Community (HBC) is a close-knit, collaborative community of female entrepreneurs from all over the world. Founded by Ashley Knight, owner of The Ashley Knight Company, whose dream for HBC is to be a place where woman in business have the opportunity to learn, connect, collaborate and
flourish fearlessly, into the business women and leaders you were created to be.

“Hello Boss provides the framework and learning, to ensure that your business is not only growing; but is increasingly profitable from one month to the next.”

The brief was to create a fun, modern identity that speaks to the kick-ass, female client base. We combined a strong script font with a clean sans serif font to create a typographic logo. We added various sub-marks for the brand which roll out in the brand’s main communication elements, being their website and digital marketing. The colour palette is strong black and grey, with feminine touch in the coral and soft pink.

We extended the brand for the first HBC conference, Better Together. We designed a logo and sales page for the website, which drew on elements of the HBC logo with a strong font and funky florals added to create a fun, feminine campaign.

Aside from your obvious creative flair, I just loved the “realness” and down to earth approach you have. It made me feel comfortable too, to know that you genuinely have your clients best interests at heart.

You just got me and my vision from the get-go! Also – HIGHLY efficient and your collaborative approach to concepts was often times pure genius… You girls have rocked my world, and delivered gorgeous results where I can focus more on my business knowing that you got this!

– Ashley Knight, Founder of The Ashley Knight Co and HBC

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